And establish prayer and give zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves—you will find it with Allah; surely Allah sees what you do. the Holy Qur’an (2:110)

Rahma Relief Foundation’s Programs are Zakat eligible because our beneficiaries are needy who have left their homes and live now as refugees in camps in Turkey or Lebanon or Jordan or displaced away from their homes. They have no jobs and their lives have been shattered

Frequently Asked Questions about Zakat

What is Zakat ?
Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and it enjoins upon able Muslims to give from their wealth to aid the needy. Zakat is not an optional sadaqa (voluntary charitable contribution). It s the right of the poor to find relief in the wealth of the rich. Zakat is a specific contribution collected from the surplus wealth and earnings of the Muslim and it is his duty to pay it once every Lunar year (Hijri year), if you posses at least the minimum amount of eligible wealth, known is Nisab.
What is Nisab?
Nisab is the minimum of wealth you must own in order to be liable to pay Zakat. It is estimated at 3 oz. of pure gold, value at $4,700.00 Dollars.
Who should pay Zakat?
Every financially able Muslim male and female must give Zakat in order to fulfill his or her obligation. As stated above, financial ability is determined by owning the minimum Nisab for a complete lunar year.
When is Zakat Due?
Zakat is due after one lunar (Hijri) year starting from the day you acquired the amount of Nisab. Most Muslims pay their Zakat in Ramadan for multiple rewards.
What is the amount of Zakat that I have to give?
2.5%. Please refer to the Zakat Calculator.
What is Zakat Al-Fitr (Fitrah)?
Zakat Al-Fitr (or Fitra) is charity paid by, or on behalf of, fasting Muslims for every member of the household. The amount of Zakat Al-Fitr is equivalent to one day’s worth of meals for one person. Zakat Al-Fitr is estimated at $10 Dollars per family member and it must reach the needy before Eid Prayer.


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Resale Value of Shares
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Other Income
Total of Assets Liable for Zakat
Deduct Debts
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Zakat-Eligible Total
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