More than 350,000 people are trapped in Ghouta, eastern of Damascus. They live under severe siege from the Syrian regime. Adults and Children are suffering from malnutrition due to inability to access food, water or medicine. Many infants died due to these sieges, where medicine, and other life necessities are inaccessible, in addition to costs inflation of more than 1,000%.

Elsewhere, according to the United Nation, more than 879,000 still remain trapped across the country, where the Syrian government and its allies remains responsible for all sieges.

Rahma Relief Foundation is one of the very few organizations working on the ground with teams across the country – and in Ghouta – helping those in need with food, shelter, medicine and education – where possible.

We are currently in the final stages to launch and operate a kitchen in the besieged area of Ghouta that will feed more than 300 families per day.

Your donation and support is essential to ensure this program’s success and continues to reach those in need.